The History

Situated in the heart of Valletta, the capital of Malta, Alex’s house perfectly captures her creative identity. Each section of the house represents a different facet of her creative pursuits, blending together to form an extraordinary living space. 

The history of the house is rich and spans three generations of Alex's family. Originally her grandparents' home, it witnessed important milestones, including her parents' engagement party and their departure to their wedding in 1965. After standing empty for over three decades, Alex breathed new life into its walls. Starting in 2007, she embarked on a meticulous restoration process with her unique vision.

A Stacked Layout

The gallery area connects to Alex's artistic side, showcasing hers and others’ works. The studio within the house serves as a creative hub where Alex caters to her clients. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to aid her creativity and provide an inspiring environment for her work. Integrated within the residence, they reflect her dedication to her craft.

With a keen eye for detail, Alex chose which rooms would serve specific functions, carefully considering the placement of each element to preserve the authenticity of the house. The top floor of the house holds a special place in Alex's heart as it serves as her personal living space. However, there is minimal separation between the various sections, allowing for a fluid connection between her professional and personal worlds.

Restoration & Conversion

Preserving the original charm was a key aspect of the restoration. The beautiful tiles, original fireplaces, and timber apertures were all lovingly retained, ensuring the originality of the house was not eradicated. The custom-designed kitchen, crafted by Alex's brother Martin, epitomises her desire for a space that transcends the conventional. A departure from traditional kitchen aesthetics, it seamlessly blends into the living area, becoming a focal point where people naturally gather.

Eclectic Selection of Furniture

The eclectic mix of furniture within the house tells a story of its own. Iconic design pieces coexist with personal treasures. Each item has its place and purpose, resonating with Alex's discerning taste and personal connection. A standout piece is the vintage radio and record player, once belonging to her father. Now repurposed as a makeshift bar, it holds a selection of cherished gins and stands as a nostalgic symbol of heritage and memories.

Urban Roof Space

Another hidden gem of the house is the roof terrace, offering breathtaking views of the city. This outdoor space provides a quiet escape within the vibrant urban landscape of Valletta. Alex and her partner have transformed the terrace into a thriving garden amidst the bustling city.

As the future unfolds, one thing remains certain—Alex's deep attachment to her Valletta home makes it a place that she would find hard to walk away from. It is a space that transcends time, encapsulating her journey, aspirations, and the many possibilities that lie ahead.