Conversion and Restoration

Upon acquiring his family home a decade ago, Anthony was met with a house in need of some serious work. Taking on the challenge, walls were demolished to create larger spaces, helping the natural light fill the interiors. The result is a fusion of classic elegance and modern functionality. 

A Timeless Look

Drawing inspiration from the cultural crossroads of London and Los Angeles, Anthony  curated a loose colour palette of black, white, and gold. Upstairs, the bedrooms were kept relatively minimal and simple, but adorned with a few timeless accents that should stand the test of time.

The Art

The eclectic art selection breathes life into the home, weaving a narrative that spans Anthony’s life and design career. He has playfully juxtaposed elements from his family's heritage with contemporary pieces, creating a “mix and match” selection. From classic portraits to whimsical pop art, and large format aerial photography, each piece contributes to the house’s feel.

Nurturing Creativity

Creativity is what keeps Anthony’s life ticking. Anthony's son's whimsical project of painting a miniature Panton chair speaks volumes about the family's ethos of fostering imagination. Drawing, for Anthony, is not just mere expression - it's a language of resilience.

From Car Crash to Röhma Motorsport

In 2018 Anthony's journey took an unforeseen turn with a life-altering car accident. However through painstaking recovery and unwavering determination, he found solace in drawing. Drawing became his focus to find a calm mental state, and create. From this adversity emerged Röhma Motorsport, a tangible testament to Anthony's indomitable spirit. Collaborating with his partner, Hing Yeung, they founded Röhma, infusing their passion for racing with innovative footwear design.

Embracing the Future

As Anthony reflects on his journey, he embraces each day with unwavering determination. For him, life is a series of binary choices - “either the switch is on or off”. Anthony finds solace in the relentless pursuit of progress. The Hope family home is testament to the transformative power of design and the human spirit's capacity to soar above any circumstance.