Born and Raised

Growing up in a little village close to Antwerp, Bart ventured out to the city of Antwerp at the age of 18. Despite the allure of urban life, he always found solace in the quiet charm of his hometown. Then when his father passed away a decade ago and his mother decided to downsize, Bart found himself drawn back to the cosy embrace of his childhood home. For Bart, returning to Antwerp meant more than just physical proximity; it was a return to his roots, a source of inspiration amidst the frenetic pace of city life. The addition of a swimming pool further enhanced the homely atmosphere, providing a backdrop for countless cherished family moments with his kids.

Creative Space

Upon acquiring the house, Bart wasted no time in imprinting his own identity onto it. What started as a simple garage extension soon morphed into a multifunctional space where he could unwind, read, and indulge his creative impulses. Bathed in sunlight during the day and a sense of peace at dusk, this space became Bart's favourite space.

A Love for Vintage

Bart's appreciation for vintage furniture mirrors his passion for timeless elegance, and his desire to create a home filled with character. For example the iconic Tulip table by Saarinen, paired with vintage chairs, serves as a focal point for family gatherings. In the living room, Togos reign supreme, embodying comfort and versatility. Both these design icons are far from being mere pieces of furniture, they are a symbol of familial togetherness, where laughter and conversation flow freely.

His Photography

Bart is particularly known for his Porsche photography. What began as a personal passion blossomed into a series of books, a legacy he hopes to pass down to his children. Through his encounters with celebrities like Jay Leno, Bart learned the importance of seizing opportunities and forging connections.

Lifelong Advice

His advice to others? Go out, connect the dots, and work hard—because in the end, it's the effort we put in that shapes our journey.

In Bart Kuykens' home, every corner tells a story and the enduring power of family. It's a reminder that amidst life's complexities, home is where the heart finds its truest expression.