Hing is a product designer specialising in footwear with a focus on driving shoes, having worked for prestigious brands such as Piloti, Pagani, and 24 Hours LeMans. Additionally, he is involved in a pet project called Rohma Motorsport, which reflects his and his partner's interests in cars, sneakers culture, and a general love for good design.

A Dream Realised

From a young age, Hing was captivated by the allure of loft design depicted in American television series. Drawn to the spaciousness and abundant natural light, he longed to create his own loft space reminiscent of those on TV. When he settled in California 22 years ago, finding a perfect loft to fill with his collections was a no brainer.

A Place for Creativity

Hing's loft is not merely a studio, it’s designed to inspire creativity and foster community. With an ambiance that effortlessly blends warmth and comfort, Hing aims to create an inviting space where people can gather, exchange ideas, and draw inspiration from the diverse array of objects adorning the walls.

Cultural Fusion

Having lived in various countries and cultures, Hing's loft serves as a melting pot of influences from his work travels. With roots in Hong Kong and upbringing in Holland, his space embodies a fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics, integrating different elements gathered from across Europe and Asia.

A Collector's Eye

Hing's penchant for collecting extends beyond the mere purchasing of items he likes; each object in his loft tells a story. From mid-century modern furniture to artefacts sourced from flea markets around the world, every piece has been carefully chosen to reflect his life experiences and inspire his creative pursuits. 

4000 Carefully Crafted Holes

Tucked away in the bedroom lies a custom designed bed. Inspired by traditional Chinese wooden screens and infused with California mid-century modern aesthetics, the bed is the result of Hing's creativity and attention to detail. However, bringing this vision to life was no small feat as each hole needed to be drilled by hand. Totaling a staggering 4,000, the bed became a labour intensive job that tested the limits of his carpenter’s craftsmanship and patience. Hing managed to persuade his carpenter to soldier on ensuring that his vision was realised.

Preserving Beauty in Everyday Objects

For Hing, beauty lies not only in the obvious collectibles but also in the humblest of objects. Whether it's a hand-painted carousel horse or wartime Afghan rugs, he believes that creativity can be found everywhere, waiting to be appreciated and preserved.

In essence, Hing's loft is a space where cultures converge, and friends can sit down, chat, have a drink and create - a true reflection of his passion for design and collaboration.