A Dance of Light and Space

Collaborating with architectural minds in tune with her desires, Joanna set out to make the most out of what the space offered. To light up the space Joanna went for a large skylight. Through innovative design, the concrete and glass structure breathes life into every corner of the kitchen living dining, infusing the space daylight.

Structural Elegance

The essence of playfulness permeates every corner of Joanna's home, from the lightweight steel staircase to the retracting dining table. Each element integrates form and function, infusing her space with an air of practical whimsy. 

Terrace Oasis

Venturing beyond the confines of her original plans, Joanna seized the opportunity to extend the house. The rooftop terrace, one of her favourite spots around the house, offers a panoramic vista that stretches to the horizon. Here, amidst marble-legged tables and open skies, she finds solace in the embrace of Valletta's Grand Harbour’s views and skyline.

Art Unveiled

Joanna explains that art transcends mere decoration; it is a language that speaks to the soul. From sculptures, paintings, century-old French baths, to hand-drawn maps steeped in history, her home feels like a homely gallery, brimming with artistic expression. Each piece, carefully chosen, curated, and placed among the hundreds of others around the house. 

Heart of the Home

Up a couple of steps from the dining space is the kitchen, not just a culinary space, but a stage for creativity. Joanna describes the kitchen island as a DJ stand. With open shelving and flea market treasures, Joanna invites us into a world where function meets beauty. Here, amidst concrete and stainless steel, she orchestrates culinary symphonies, each dish a testament to her passion for life.

Valletta's Embrace

For Joanna, Valletta is more than just a city—it's a sanctuary, a refuge for the soul. In its winding streets and bustling squares, she finds a sense of community and belonging that transcends geographical boundaries. Here, amidst art galleries and cultural festivals, she discovers the essence of home.

Legacy of Love

As Joanna's journey unfolds, it becomes clear that her home is more than just a physical space—it's a testament to her spirit, her passion, and her love for life. In every corner, every artwork, every meticulously curated detail, she leaves a piece of herself, a legacy of love for generations to come.

In Joanna's Valletta haven, we find not just a house, but a story—a story of resilience, creativity, and the enduring power of home.