Settling down in Utrecht

We met Laura in the charming city of Utrecht. With a background as a costume maker for the national opera, Laura’s creative flair and eye for detail are evident in every corner of her house.

Utrecht, known for its art nouveau influences and lively ambiance, serves as the perfect backdrop for Laura's unique style. Describing her love for the city, she emphasises the balance between anonymity and the joy of running into familiar faces - a characteristic that drew her to Utrecht over a decade ago.

Maximalist Aesthetic

The moment you step into Laura's home, you are instantly struck by a maximalist aesthetic that blends vintage charm with a touch of Victorian elegance. Laura's penchant for secondhand treasures shines through her carefully curated collection of furniture and decor. With a self-imposed budget of 150 euros, she scours local online platforms, akin to the Dutch Gumtree, to find hidden gems that resonate with her style. These vintage pieces bring a sense of history and soul to her home. Each item has a story to tell, and collectively they create an atmosphere that feels both lived-in and loved.

‘Painted’ Walls

Her walls are adorned with a selection of illustrations, photographs, and art surprises she has collected over the years. Many of these pieces are made by her friends or acquaintances from the local creative scene. Each artwork adds a unique touch to the space, capturing Laura's spirit and personality. She particularly cherishes an illustration by a close friend, which she considers her spirit animal manifested in art form.

Pakje Kunst

One of Laura's regular indulgences is a peculiar vending machine filled with small packs of art, known as “Pakje Kunst”. These miniature art surprises are irresistible to her, and she can't help but indulge whenever she encounters one of these machines. The joy of acquiring a little box with an unknown piece of art inside has become a delightful addiction, adding an element of surprise to her collection.

Life on a Vibrant Street

Laura’s space, which doubles as a workspace and a place for relaxation, is flooded with natural light, making it an inviting and lively area. Being situated on a vibrant street, Laura never feels lonely as there is always something happening outside her windows. She cherishes this aspect, which perfectly complements her multifaceted lifestyle.

As Laura continues to curate her ever-evolving space, she finds joy in the process of discovery and the hunt for new additions. Her home is a testament to the idea that individuality should reign supreme in one's living environment. Whether it's an art surprise from a vending machine or a vintage find that carries a hint of nostalgia, Laura's home is a true reflection of her unique journey.