Blending Past and Present

While looking for a family space, Matthew and Emma sought to merge tradition with contemporary living. Yet, finding character-filled homes often meant compromising on modern amenities. Their desire for a spacious home for their growing family led them to go for a renovation project.

Crafting Spaces for Connection

With Emma's architectural background, the couple carefully planned every detail. They paid particular attention to creating a kitchen and dining area suitable for entertaining. Their vision extended beyond mere functionality, aiming to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

“Fairies Renovating Our House”

Undertaking renovations amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic posed some unexpected hurdles. Remote collaboration with their builder became the norm, humorously dubbed as "fairies renovating our house", as they would only visit the house in the evenings after the builder had left. Despite this, their dedication and shared laughter fueled the transformation.

A Testament to Family

Matthew's penchant for collecting interesting art and objects, juxtaposed with Emma's modern sensibilities, infuses their home with a distinct charm. Somehow their contrasting eclectic tastes converge, creating a space that celebrates their vision.

As they navigate parenthood and the joys of raising their little one, Matthew and Emma’s home embodies the essence of family, as they surround themselves with creativity.