It all began in 2013 when Sarah and Rik took on the task of restoring a 300-year-old house of character. The unique aspect of their home lies in its intriguing blend of architectural styles, with elements from different local architectural eras within its walls. The kitchen, for instance, boasts a rich history dating back three centuries, while other parts of the house bear the marks of World War II bombings and subsequent renovations.

As Sarah and Rik guide us through their home, it becomes evident that it is a reflection of their shared passions, individual aesthetics, and practical considerations. The eclectic mix of furnishings and decor speaks to their love for collecting and finding unique treasures. Sarah has curated a collection of prints and artefacts over the years, anticipating the day when they would find their place in this very house.

Their respective styles seamlessly merge throughout the dwelling. Rik's affinity for mid-century modern design is evident in carefully selected pieces, such as the Swiss 1960s dining table and chairs, of which he notes their timeless appeal. On the other hand, Sarah's appreciation for antique and rustic charm is seen in the repurposed antique carpenter's bench, now a vanity in the bathroom, as well as the living room bench.

The restoration of their home went beyond aesthetics, as Rik's practical mindset ensured that the comforts of modern living were seamlessly integrated. Double glazing, updated electrical systems, and network connections ensure that the house exudes both historical charm and contemporary convenience. Riks says that the fusion of practicality and aesthetics is where the true beauty of their home lies.

Throughout the house, personal touches and sentimental artefacts add depth and warmth to the space. The key cubby from a hotel, saved from renovation, now finds a new purpose as a spice rack in the dining room and a storage space in the studio. Rik's father's art adorns the walls, infusing the house with a sense of familiarity and comfort, truly making it feel like home.

The wardrobe, four metres in height, was designed to maximise space while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the house. Doors salvaged from a boys' school in Slima were repurposed for it, blending seamlessly with the historical ambiance.

An emphasis on light was a crucial aspect of the restoration. Multiple windows and skylights were added, allowing natural light to flood the house. Sarah's desire for windows overlooking the yard was fulfilled, transforming the atmosphere and enhancing the enjoyment of their home.

As we conclude our tour, Sarah and Rik express their deep appreciation for their home. It has become a place where their relationship has flourished, their love story culminating in their recent marriage. The memories they have already created within its walls are cherished and will forever be a part of their journey.