Today we are introduced to Tammy whose grandfather, Frank Portelli, was not only an esteemed 20th century artist, but also an interior designer, leaving behind a profound artistic legacy that shaped the very essence of the house. This influences and profoundly impacts what it means for Tammy.

Tammy fondly describes her grandparents' house as a testament to her grandfather's vision and talent. From the moment Tammy took on the task of renovating the house, she knew that minimal intervention was key. The house, as her grandfather designed it, served as his studio, so with respect Tammy sought to preserve the essence of his work while ensuring the space remained habitable.

A Detailed Brief

Collaborating closely with her architects, Tammy shared a detailed brief, initially fearing that she might be overwhelming them with information. However, her architects embraced her passion and welcomed her input wholeheartedly. The overarching objective was clear: minimal intervention and the creation of a comfortable living space that paid homage to her grandfather's original design.

His Style Lives On

Tammy's grandfather's artistic style, characterised by crystallised cubism, permeates every corner of the house. Angular shapes, evident in the soffits, staircase, and even custom-cut triangular tiles, create a cohesive aesthetic that mirrors the essence of his artwork. This house became an extension of his creativity and serves as a tangible reflection of his multidisciplinary approach to art.

Extensive Skylights

One of the standout features of Tammy's grandfather's studio is the abundance of natural light. The studio's strategic positioning allows for both sunrise and sunset to illuminate the space, creating an ideal environment for artistic inspiration. Skylights throughout the house bring additional natural light to various areas, with the main studio being the focal point of this intentional lighting design.

The Art

Within the studio, Tammy proudly displays two remarkable pieces - an artistic composition created from repurposed doors sourced from a Maltese hotel. These photos, layered with various techniques, exude a vintage charm reminiscent of early Photoshop endeavours. The studio wall still bears some of her grandfather's markings, turning it into a living memorial that holds immense sentimental value for Tammy.

Sustainability Efforts

Tammy's commitment to sustainability extends beyond her professional life. By repurposing her grandfather's interior design shop's surplus stock, she incorporates light fixtures that were once considered too modern for their time. Her grandfather's desk and bookcase find a place of honor within the house, carrying a deep sentimental value and providing a connection to his creative spirit.

His Influence

Tammy acknowledges her grandfather's profound influence on her life, as his artistic spirit emboldened her to pursue her passion for fashion design, a path that diverged from her family's more traditional career choices. In honouring her grandfather's legacy, she finds solace and inspiration in preserving his work and making the house a reflection of her own unique identity.