First Impressions

As you open the front door and step through the entrance, you find yourself in an outdoor area, and suddenly realise this house is a little oasis of greenery in the middle of a Maltese village. The space blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. This intentional design invites nature to become an integral part of everyday life - a concept rooted in the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, celebrating ‘imperfection and impermanence’.

Design Decisions

An interior designer himself, David chose clean lines and a neutral palette to create a sense of calm, while outside, the garden and landscaping embrace the beauty of natural patina. Architectural details, such as the sculptural staircase and outdoor furniture - custom designed by David - add contemporary elegance to the space, further enhancing its appeal.

The open-plan layout of the house is tailored for modern family living, with high ceilings and cross ventilation enhancing the sense of airiness. In the kitchen, functionality meets aesthetics, with floor-to-ceiling cupboards and an expansive, travertine clad island doubling as a breakfast table.

Quiet Bedrooms

Upstairs, the bedrooms offer a tranquil retreat, each capturing the morning sun. "We wanted the house to be timeless but still warm," David reflects, a sentiment echoed in every corner of this remarkable family home.

For David, House No.15 was designed to calm the human spirit. From its soaring ceilings to its intimate alcoves, every space was carefully crafted to achieve serenity.

Visiting House No.15 left a lasting impression. A space where nature and meticulous design coexist in perfect harmony. Such a combination, executed this perfectly, is hard to come by.