Reflecting on the significance of the name, derived from the notion of satisfaction, Buhagiar unravels the layers of memory and aspiration woven into the fabric of this unique living space.

Of Past and Present

Satis House is more than just a group of apartments; it's a testament to the marriage of history and contemporary design. Drawing inspiration from the iconic tale of Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations", Buhagiar underscores the importance of embracing change while honouring the past. Through meticulous attention to detail, he’s crafted a space that seamlessly blends functionality with nostalgia.

Designing for Purpose

Central to the apartment's layout is the multifunctional kitchen counter, truly the heart of the space. From ventilated cupboards housing cherished books to a glazed vitrine doubling as a conversation-starting bar, every element serves a purpose. Buhagiar's ingenuity shines through as he transforms a breakfast table into a DJ stand, infusing the space with versatility and vitality.

Balancing Light and Space

Navigating the challenge of elongated interiors, Buhagiar employed brass accents to mitigate the risk of tunnel-like monotony. The strategic use of dark hues and ambient lighting balances the space.

Preserving Heritage

Rooted in a reverence for history, Konrad salvaged architectural elements from the late 19th century, including intricately carved doors and sculpted lions, to find new life amidst this modern conversion. Together with pieces of furniture that tell a story, these bring authenticity to the apartment.

A Journey Home

For Buhagiar and his brothers, Satis House transcends mere architectural design; it embodies a profound sense of belonging. Despite the evolution of their childhood home into a contemporary space, the essence of familiarity remains unaltered. In returning to their roots, they discover that amidst change, home endures.

Through a marriage of heritage preservation and forward-thinking design, Buhagiar invites us to embark on a journey of rediscovery—one where the past and present converge, and every corner tells a story.